Executive Protection

BPG’s elite team provides specialized protection for such high-profile individuals as CEOs, high-net-worth individuals, dignitaries, celebrities and athletes.

BPG has an excellent reputation for providing executive protection services to prominent and high-profile individuals and their families. Our entire team consists of active or former law enforcement officers or members of the military. BPG’s executive protection services are deeply proactive and require a high degree of research and planning in advance of the engagement.

After asking all the right questions and performing all necessary due diligence – our Executive Protection team devises a customized program tailored to each client’s needs. They’re fully prepared to provide an appropriate level of protection under a full range of scenarios – and to do so in a manner that ensures the client’s privacy and personal comfort. It’s important to note that BPG staff members are intent on maintaining order. They know how to prevent the escalation of tense situations. Our team is trained to use force strictly and only as a last resort.

BPG’s highly trained personnel can be armed or unarmed, as circumstances warrant. Clients are secure from threats posed by stalkers, kidnappers, obsessed fans, uninvited guests. or extortionists.

All security personnel are certified and trained in emergency first aid, CPR and the use of defibrillators.


Estate Security

BPG delivers best-in-class estate security services for individuals at their homes and residences, from apartments to houses to mansions.

When you’re at home, you deserve to enjoy peace of mind — and to feel at your most comfortable. You shouldn’t be worrying about outside threats or disruptions.

BPG’s skilled estate security personnel are trained to help you maintain that warm welcome feeling of safety and relaxation — in any type of residence, encompassing houses, condos, apartments, or luxury properties. Tapping their experience in the military or in law enforcement, our team is committed to maintaining the tranquility of our clients’ home life.

At the outset of every assignment, our team conducts a thorough site survey to identify potential threat vectors, and to pinpoint and prepare for effective strategies that will neutralize potential threats. We work with our clients to determine whether around-the-clock security is called for, or whether the need for our physical presence is more limited.

Does the program call for staffing indoors? Outdoors? Or both? Should our highly trained personnel be uniformed or wear plain clothes? Should they be armed?

Estate Security typically includes front door staffing and perimeter tours undertaken on a regular basis. Depending upon the specific property, our team may schedule themselves to see if there’s anything unusual or out of place anywhere around the premises or perimeter.

Our team can also advise clients on the electronic security systems (e.g. surveillance equipment, alarm systems, etc.) that would be most appropriate for their properties. We are adept at tailoring a plan to fit the needs of any client in need of Estate Security services.


Special Events Security

BPG’s skilled specialists ensure that your event – whether it’s a concert, a birthday party, a graduation party, a gala or even a multi-site tour – proceeds without incident.

BPG’s highly trained special events security personnel possess the skills and experience to help ensure that events — both big and small — proceed as planned. We deploy teams of scalable size. A small-scale event, for example, may require only a single guard.

For larger events, coordination with other security teams is essential. We meet with other security teams and harmonize our approach with theirs. Working together, we perform a complete walk-through of the venue prior to the event. We work to ensure that all security operations unfold in a seamless and well-coordinated way.

Stadium-scaled events may call for larger security teams, which BPG can also provide. Some guards might be assigned to protect the performer and the performer’s area, while others may be positioned throughout the venue and around the venue’s perimeter at all points of entry and exit. Our personnel develop and maintain full situational awareness of the venue, ready to address any issues at a moment’s notice.
Even in tense settings, BPG staff are trained to maintain order and resolve issues in a low-key and peaceful manner. They’re skilled in de-escalation of a potentially volatile scenarios, and resort to force solely as a last resort.


Driving Services

As passengers in our fleet of sleek and fortified vehicles, BPG’s clients travel to their destinations in security and comfort.

BPG’s Driving Services are provided by trained law enforcement officers who are focused on their client’s safety and comfort.

Clients have the option of using their own car, or driving in one of our attractive and secure late-model vehicles. We make sure that drivers are familiar with local geography and can identify alternative routes as necessary. Also, our clients may specify whether BPG personnel should be armed or unarmed.


Bodyguard Services

This is a short-term, à la carte protection service that’s customizable to the client’s needs. The service may be provided for any period of time, of your choosing.

The purpose of our bodyguard services is first and foremost to provide protection from physical harm. Compared to BPG’s Executive Protection service, bodyguard services typically require zero to little planning, and thus are more rapidly scalable and able to be provided on short notice. Our bodyguards remain in close proximity to our clients at all times – always fully aware and observant of surroundings – and are therefore ready to prevent the occurrence or escalation of any potentially dangerous situations.

Examples may include accompanying a client’s spouse for a day of shopping at multiple sites, or innocuously occupying a nearby table when clients and their families or colleagues go out for dinner. Or, a BPG staff member may be present nearby when a client is enjoying a night out at the club.

As with all of our assignments, BPG personnel focus on keeping the situation low-key and peaceful. Each of our guards is skilled and well versed in the art of de-escalation.


Vehicle Armoring & Outfitting

BPG can help you outfit and fortify your vehicle using the highest-quality materials – while fully maintaining the vehicle’s original appearance.

BPG works with individuals and organizations from all kinds of industries to outfit, armor, and upgrade vehicles with the best-available equipment and materials. We walk you through the process from start to finish, from helping you tailor a bespoke configuration to preparing your vehicle for the installation. Our outfitting services are uniquely customizable to your desired level of protection, and we perform installations in such a manner that onlookers would never have any way of knowing that your vehicle has been armored.

Our core vehicle outfitting services include:

  • Entire perimeter protection of the passenger compartment
  • Reinforced door hinges and other key structure points
  • High-quality, multi-layer, bullet-resistant glass
  • Reinforced suspension and runflat devices
  • Protection for battery and electronic control module

We also offer:

  • Lightweight armoring packages
  • Siren/PA/Intercom systems
  • Heavy-duty brake system and components
  • Fire suppression system
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Emergency light systems